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What, BLOG???

As I sit down to write my very first post, I have to ask: Why blog?

I imagine that bloggers have various reasons: they believe that others want to read about their pregnancy, their pet, their personal lives; they have information to share such as how to change the oil in a car or what movie to watch. Do people blog out of vanity or out of a need to reach out to others? Probably both, depending on your celebrity status.

My reason is simple; I need to write.

Next question: Do I need a subject? Do I need to stick with one topic: the books I read, the stuff I write, the places I visit, the recipes I try, my day to day life?

Nope. Ugh. The very idea of having to stick to one subject terrifies me.

Will I ever write about any of those given topics? Probably. The point is just to put my fingers to the keyboard and write.

Despite the public nature of a blog by its very definition, I am writing more for myself as an exercise than I am for any audience, real or the beginning, anyway.

If, by chance, you happen to read these words and actually enjoy them or want to follow me, all the better!

Christina Grant, blogger
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