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One of my Favourite Places to Write

I do a lot of writing at the Melville Cafe in downtown Galt. Good music plays in the background, the kind that I would listen to if I had made my own playlist (or a good, old-fashioned mixed tape!). People talk, but they aren't sitting close enough that I focus on what they are saying.

I sit in the same spot overlooking the Grand River. Some days the sun shines so brightly that I can barely see the screen. On days like today, it's mucky, cold, and dull. The thick layer of ice covering the flowing river is losing its hold. The geese are returning, flying hither thither and stopping on the ice to find bits of grasses that are finally appearing under the crusty snow.

I often take a picture of my morning view. The one you see here is from the middle of a very long winter. It was -28, but bright and happy-making. I prefer a frigid cold but sunny day to a drab and damply cold day. I'm experiencing the kind of day in which the cold sinks into my bones and my bed calls to me to just stay home and curl up with a good book.

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