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Look Up

Where are you right now, your head bowed, reading this text, eyes scrolling across the screen of your desktop/laptop/tablet/phone?

Look up.

What do you see? Are you alone in the privacy of your own cosy room or house, or are you sharing the space with many people as you sit in your own little bubble on the subway/in the library/on a park bench/at line in the grocery store?

Are you waiting/filling an awkward moment/procrastinating/avoiding speaking to anyone present?

Look up.

If you are alone, be happy in your quiet space in time. If you are with other people, glance around, catch someone's eye (even if it is a stranger), and smile. Connect with another human being in real time.

Look up.

Are you inside/outside? Is the sun shining or is the rain tapping its fingers gently against the windows? Do you hear birds and children and cars and the wind whispering into the crooks of branches?

Be where you are right now. Just for a moment.

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