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Happy Earth Day! (Sort of)

We've all seen picture of earth from a distance. I doubt people are as amazed at this global selfie as they first were when it was a new perspective. Here we are, living on this little "blue dot" as Carl Sagan called it, everything that ever happened up to now has happened on its surface.

This is home.

We have nowhere else to go. Yet we are treating our home like the dwelling from an episode of Hoarders: we keep buying and building and using and abusing and are slowly drowning in our own filth and excess. We have been warned by scientists and are seeing the effects of climate change first hand, but people still can't seem to get their heads around it. Are we in denial? Too short-sighted, narrow-minded, self-absorbed to make changes in our own lives?

This is it - our one chance - and we're blowing it. We are but an evolutionary blip, a nanosecond of time on the movie reel of life on Earth.

Nobody's stepping in to fix this for us. God isn't going to suddenly show up like an irate parent with Her hands on Her hips and demand we clean up this mess we made. Aliens are not coming from a far-off planet, sharing secrets of their highly-evolved civilization success stories.

People! It's our mess! Nobody is tidying up after ourselves but us. And if we don't clean house soon, Mother Nature will fix the problem for us.

And we won't like the solution.

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