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Just fly the f*ing flag.

When you vote against

a rainbow

you are saying no

to the beautiful child

who walks to school, bag slung over shoulder

shining brightly as the Sun in the heavens until

you press into them the wrongness of Being

dark clouds hanging over their bent heads

crowding out the light

each sideways glance each offhand remark each small silence

flows into cracks and fills up spaces left for esteem until

drop by drop

they drown in your


—lightning cuts the sky open like so many slender wrists—

you have turned Living Waters into a marsh

they sink in the mire, and you—

like Bog people perfectly preserved in your muddied doctrine

you call yourself Christians

but ignore the very scripture you profess to follow:

Christ —Who is love—

is Love is

Love is Love.

Every child deserves to have their cup running over with so much light & love

that all they know is rainbows everywhere.

They can’t choose who to love—

why should you?


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