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O Captain! Our Captain*

O Captain! Our Captain! Your birthday now has come,

Another year you’ve weather’d, the Covid fight near won,

A Spring Break’s near, once lockdown’s clear, and people vaccinating,

We’ve looked to you with steady gaze, ‘midst uncertainty and waiting;

But O cover! Your! Mouth!

O don mask and shield and google,

From virtual to face-to-face,

We’ve dutifully toggled.

O Captain! Our Captain! with all Self-Checks submitted

Rise up—for you we stand on guard— in PPE outfitted;

For you bouquets and handmade cards—creativity a-churning

For you they call, the Kindies masked, their eager faces turning;

“Hey Marshall! From Paw Patrol!”

“We baked a cake from play-doh!”

And sing to you the Birthday Song

(a metre’s length we’ll stay, tho’).

Our Captain, answers thoughtfully (once hands are washed with soap);

Our Leader does not turn away, his words suffused with hope

For Boyne is anchor’d safe and sound, its staff and students pray;

This fearful year will disappear, and restore normalcy someday;

Exult O staff, hear the final bell!

And with a steady pace

Walk the halls our Captain leads,

Masked smile upon his face.

*A Parody for Our Fearless Leader on his Birthday,


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