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TERZA RIMA: Terre Magiche

Oh, I've tried opening that wardrobe door

But it remains an unremarkable closet of clothes

(Besides, I refuse to join in a magical war).

And as everyone already knows

Chasing white rabbits down into their holes

Only ends covered in dirt from hair to your toes.

Our mundane world lacks mystical goals—

No quests to complete nor Sphinx to outwit—

The most vexing creatures? Mere internet trolls.

Anxious to board at Platform 9-and-a-bit?

I’ve hunted giants, elves, any peculiar thing

I’ve a wand of my own, but no success with it.

Never discovered a letter, button, or ring

Never traveled by carpet, tornado, or wing

So I sit—and I wait—for the mermaids to sing.


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